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Hengshi Company joins in 2016 France JEC Exhibition
Article from:     issuing time:2016-03-12

Led by Zhang, the Group President, Hengshi, together with the brother companies Jushi and Huamei, went to Paris and joined in the 2016 JEC Exhibition, France, an unprecedentedly grand occasion with the largest scale and the biggest number of people at the industrial exhibition for the past ten years. The net exhibition area of this year reached 56,500 square kilometers with more than 2000 exhibitors all over the world and 37,500 professional audience from automobile, ship, yacht, space equipment, building material, rail transit, wind power generation, pipeline and electric power and other fields.

During the exhibition, Hengshi team, led by President Zhang, made talks with clients from Denmark, Spain, Germany, India, the US, Brazil and other countries respectively, including the top ten draught fan/blade manufacturing giants, such as Vista, Siemens, LM, Gamesa, Acciona, TPI, Texas, etc, and introduced to them the development situation of Hengshi in recent years and the follow-up international strategic layout, including Hengshi Egypt production expansion plan, the US and India overseas factory building plan, etc. Showing their full confidence with the development of Hengshi, the clients discussed R& D of new products, cooperation field extension and deepening of cooperation degree, etc.

After successfully joining in the exhibition, Hengshi company won more trust of clients by virtue of good enterprise image and international strategic layout. Hengshi, led by the group president, is believed to continuously march toward a global leading company of wind power fabrics.

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