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Wind power will be the largest demand market of carbon fiber
Article from:     issuing time:2015-02-03

Transparency Market Research, a US market research institute, has recently published a report on carbon fiber research, declaring that the market returns of global carbon fiber reached $1.94 billion (about 12.1 billion yuan) in 2013 and the data is expected to increase to $3.73 billion by 2020 (about $23.2 billion) , with an annual compound growth of 9.9%.

By classification of product categories, polyacrylontrile based carbon fiber is the most important products, taking up about 85% of whole market share.

Classified by terminal market, wind power, automobiles, aviation, national defense, architecture and other industries are 6 leading markets, among which wind power is expected to be the largest carbon fiber consumer market, which will take up 24% of the global market share; and the automobile field is expected to become a consumer market with largest speed increase.

Classified by regions, Europe will become the largest consumer market of carbon fiber, occupying about 37%, which is mainly because the developed wind power market and automobile market in Europe will greatly push forward the demand growth of carbon fiber.

Classified by suppliers, Mitsubishi Rayou and Toray Industries of Japan, Hatch Group of the US, Teijing fibers in Japan, US Cytec Industry are expected to be major suppliers of carbon fiber products in the world.

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