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Shanghai Lingang offshore wind power second period project commenced officially
Article from:     issuing time:2015-12-02

On November 5, Lingang offshore wind power second period project observed the grand commencement ceremony in the workboat. The offshore wind field was located in the prohibited area east of Nanhui near-shore, about 10 kilometers away from the shore. The project has a total investment of about 1.9 billion yuan, 28 3.6MW-122-90 offshore wind turbines from Shanghai Electric will be installed with an installed gross capacity of 100.8MW and an annual energy output of 2.6 Twh to meet the annual average electricity utilization of about 100000 families. The preliminary work was officially started in February, 2015, the project approval and reply were gained in August, sea area use warrant in October and marine and submarine builders’ license in November, which will go into operation at the end of 2016.

The construction of offshore project of Lingang wind power second period signifies that the second period of Lingang offshore wind power project which will be fully completed has entered a key stage. After completion, it will be of great significance to the promotion of the economic construction and social development and making far-reaching contribution to the ecological civilization construction of Shanghai.

Recently, the sponsor visited the responsible person of Shanghai Lingang Offshore Wind Power Generation Co. Ltd, and learned that the project went on smoothly with 6 stakes having been installed. Lingang second period offshore wind field is also the carrier project of big data operation and maintenance of Shanghai Science Committee, which will adopt the advanced operation and maintenance method of wind power + internet. According to Shanghai Offshore Wind Power Development Planning, 200MW of wind field has yet to be built during the third and fourth periods. At present, the company has paid much attention to big megawatt offshore wind power machinery types and offshore fire control and security and protection measures, etc. At the Shanghai international offshore wind power activity next year, it will conduct all-round exchange and communication with experts at home and abroad.

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