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Owens Corning signed 125 MW wind power purchase agreement with Invenergy
Article from:     issuing time:2015-11-24

Owens Corning signed a 125MW wind power purchase agreement with Inenergy, an American development company. When the project is finished, Wake Wind factory of Invenergy company will provide Owens Corning with electric power sufficient for 32,000 households annually. Invenergy will also help Owens Corning in support of wind power generation industry, which is one of the markets for which Owens Corning provides fiberglass reinforced materials.

“There has been a long history for Owens Corning to provide energy-efficiency improvement by means of its products and management”, Frank O”Brien-Bernini, Chief Sustainable Development Officer, said. “It will be more feasible for us to achieve the grand goal of effective greenhouse gas emission to work with a powerful partner, like Invenergy, who can carry out such large-scale wind energy agreement.”

“In the past few years, great changes have taken place in the way of cooperation with customers, like the value proposition of renewable energy by Owens Corning, which not only benefits the environment but the value bottom-line.” Craig .Gordon, Sales and Marketing Manager of Invenergy, said, “Take action now and these customers will benefit from the competitive long-term wind energy price while promoting transition of sustainable clean energy economy”.

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