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CompositesWorld 2015 carbon fiber annual meeting: prospect of low-cost carbon fiber
Article from:     issuing time:2015-11-28

Composites World annual meeting will be held on December 8-10 in Knoxville of the US, one of the features of which will be the report made by Dan Pichler, General Manager of CarbConcult Company, titled “How to provide ‘affordable carbon fiber” for the market”, which explores the dream possibility of low-cost development of the carbon fiber industry.

Pichler will explore in his report where the cost of carbon fiber value chain lies, how it forms, in which link it is, how to affect it, and how the industry will eventually realize the value orientation of terminal users.

The carbon fiber annual meeting will also have a warm-up seminar on December 8, which will involve supply and demand data, visit to the model plant of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, keynote speech on 777X composite project, and two-day report on designing and manufacturing of carbon fiber structure and components.

Chris Red, the main forecast and consulting company of composite materials will take part in the seminar of the warm-up meeting. Perry Moore, Director of Operation of Boeing 777X wing project, will make a keynote speech. Moore will make a public discussion about 777X wing project for the first time, exploring the design, development and production of 777X carbon fiber composite material wings.

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