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GE launched the largest turbine motor with double authentication in the ry
Article from:     issuing time:2015-11-05

As a world famous supplier of renewable energy technology, many innovative technological products subordinated to GE will be displayed in Beijing wind energy show in 2015, among which the 2.75-120 smart draught fan, admitted into China market at the beginning of the year will be the most remarkable one.

GE 2.75-120 smart draught fan has a diameter of 120 meters, the swept area of which can be larger than that of a standard football pitch when it rotates. Besides, the draught fan has won the the IEC approval from TÜV NORD, one of the world-famous technical consulting services and GB type approval from China General Certification Center, an authorized certification body in the country, becoming the machine type with largest unit capacity with double certifications. The 2.75-120 draught fan, as we have learned, experienced a strict third-party test of a half year in Europe, including power curve, load measurement, safety and control, gear case, low voltage ride-through, etc.

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