• XIE Guoping/Independent Non-Executive Director

    Mr. XIE Guoping,born in March 1982,is an independent non-executive Director. Mr. XIE is a senior financial media practitioner. He has been the assistant to the director of Economic Information & Agency in Hong Kong since January 2017. Mr. XIE has been engaged as a part time lecturer for postgraduate students in the College of Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China since February 2016. Mr. XIE has been the director of Zhejiang Office of Hong Kong Commercial Daily since January 2012. Besides, Mr. XIE is a committee member of Zhejiang Youth Federation. He was granted an interview with Mr. WEN Jiabao, the then Prime Minister of the State Council of the PRC in Beijing, China in March 2009. Mr. XIE graduated on the major of secretary (foreign) from Zhejiang University of Media and Communication in Hangzhou, China in July 2006. For the time being, Mr. XIE is still studying in the Victoria University in Switzerland (瑞士维多利大学) for a doctoral degree in business administration.

  • Zhang Yuqiang/Chairman and Non-Executive Director

    Mr. ZHANG Yuqiang, born in september 1955, is the chairman of the Board and a non-executive Director. Mr. ZHANG was appointed as our Director in February 2015 and is primarily responsible for formulating the overall development strategies and business plans of the Group. Mr. ZHANG is also the chairman of Zhenshi, the general manager and a director of China Jushi and the chairman of Jushi Group. Mr. ZHANG is also the vice chairman of China Building Materials Federation and China Composites Industry Association as well as the vice chairman of China Fiberglass Industry Association. From August 1971 to June 1989, Mr. ZHANG had worked as a staff worker, workshop manager, chief of the production unit, vice director and director of Tongxiang Fiberglass Factory. Mr. ZHANG founded Tongxiang Zhenshi Company Ltd., the predecessor of Zhenshi in June 1989 and has been acting as the chairman ever since. Mr. ZHANG founded Jushi Group Co., Ltd. in March 1993 and has been acting as the chairman ever since. Since March 1999, Mr. ZHANG has been acting as the vice chairman, general manager and chief executive officer of China Jushi, previously known as China Fiberglass Co., Ltd. and China Chemical Building Materials Company Ltd.

    Mr. ZHANG has over 40 years working experience in the fiberglass industry. Mr. ZHANG obtained the qualification certificate of senior engineer (professor level) conferred by China National Building Material Company Ltd. in December 2008. Mr. ZHANG has received numerous awards and enjoyed special government allowance from the State Council for his outstanding contribution to the building materials industry. In 2009, Mr. ZHANG was voted by Forbes as the best chief executive officer of listed companies in China.

    Mr. ZHANG participated the MBA courses held by Zhejiang University of Technology and received a program certificate in December 2002.

  • TANG Hsin-hua/Non-Executive Director

    Mr. TANG Hsin-hua, born in October 1953, is a non-executive Director. Mr. TANG was appointed as our Director in May 2015 and participates in formulating the strategic development plans of the Group. Mr. TANG is also the chairman of the board of directors of Jushi USA Fiberglass Co., Ltd. and the supervisor of China Jushi Co., Ltd. Mr. TANG has also been a director of Hengshi Fiberglass since January 2004. From 1996 to 2003, Mr. TANG had acted as the chief executive officer of United Suntech Craft Inc. From 1995 to 2010, Mr TANG had also acted as the chief executive officer of Gibson Enterprises Inc. Mr. TANG obtained a bachelor degree in urban planning from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan, in June 1976.

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