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Devoting to be the leading enterprise in global wind power-related fiberglass fabrics manufacturing.
Company Profile

Founded in 2000, China Hengshi Foundation Co. Ltd, is specialized in research, development, production and marketing of all kinds of fiber weaving products with purely imported equipment from Germany and the advanced manufacturing technology in the world. Since been establised, Hengshi has always devoted to making quality products with brand and high-quality raw materials which can be tailored according to the requirements of customers.  The products of Hengshi are widely used in wind turbine blade, space flight and aviation, construction, environmental protection, transportation, energy, sports and leisure and other industries, which has been exported to Europe, America, Middle-East and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, enjoying a high reputation in the markets both at home and abroad. At present, Hengshi has two production bases in China ● Zhejiang and Egypt ● Suez, and established good business cooperative relationship with many famous wind power equipment manufacturing companies in the world.

So far, most products of Hengshi have been approved by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, with the main products approved by DNV·GL and Lloyd Register.

As a national high-tech company and having its own research institute of Zhejiang Province, many products of Hengshi have been listed in the national Key New Product Plan and national Torch Plan and have been rated as high-tech and brand products of Zhejiang Province. In line with the goal of pursuing excellent products, the company has done research and development innovation continually and has mastered internationally-advanced technology relying on independent research and development. And it has already had over 40 patents now.

Adhering to the goal of “Devoting to be the leading enterprise in global wind power-related fiberglass fabrics manufacturing”, Hengshi has been continuously making efforts and improving to create more value for its customers and partners.

Corporate Culture


To maintain and improve our living environment, to develop the renewable energy business, to provide customers with material solution and to create maximum values for employees, shareholders, customers and interested parties


Devoting to be the leading enterprise in global wind power-related fiberglass fabrics manufacturing.

Core ideology

We firmly believe that only cultural heritage, is the soul of Tsuneishi. Thousands of miles begins with small steps. It has always been adhering to the "character, innovation, responsibility, learning, passion," the core ideology, Hengshi was able to chasing prowess.

  • Conduct

    The stone is bone of the earth before it was formed

    In support of the Heaven and earth, bearing all things tirelessly and cultivating the people selflessly

    The stone owns five virtues: benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, valiance and purity

    People of Hengshi firmly believe that a company is just like a human being

    Every step of growth of which is to fulfill the “personality” of Hengshi

    It is the quality of the “stone” taken as foot-stone that makes Hengshi indomitable and reputable

    Hengshi exclusively hews an eternal path with the quality, hardness, soul of the stone

  • Innovation

    It is because of the running water at the source area that the canal can be full of clear water

    Innovation is source of Hengshi’s development and essence of its culture

    It is the continuous innovation with an initial point but end point

    That enables Hengshi to deal with changeable situation of outside world calmly

    Innovation is inclusive

    That all rivers run into sea forms the raging waves

    It is by eliminating the old and maintaining the new that Hengshispreads its wings impressively

    Hengshi is the soil where diversified ideas and innovative spirits are fostered

    By widely collecting all merits, it has possessed the verve of “daring to be a trailblazer”

  • Responsibility

    Being the first to bear hardships before everybody else makes the tough bearing of Hengshi

    Being brave to face the music is an unremitting belief of Hengshi people

    Having never taken pure profit increase  as goal

    Hengshi esteems synergy among company development , society and  individual

    Keeps giving back to the society

    And reflect its value in devotion

  • Learning

    One cannot realize how high the Heaven is without ascending the high mountains

    Crossing white clouds, people of Hengshi are yearning for the blue skies

    Learning is the source power of innovation

    To rise abruptly we’ve been accumulating strength

    We never rigidly stick to the steps at present

    We are establishing a learning-oriented company

    To make the footsteps more stable and powerful

  • Enthusiasm

    With enthusiasm

    An eagle soars in the vast sky

    A  dragon strikes waters in the midstream

    Enthusiasm, the driving force of Hengshi culture

    No matter how much trials and difficulties we will  experience

    Hardships and bumps, glory and aureole

    never changed the enthusiasm of progress

    Every peak is a new starting point of Hengshi

    It will be young forever, its effort will be everlasting

  • 2017

    Hengshi USA Wind Power Materials Corporation, and indirect wholly owned subsidiary , was duly organized on 1 Juanary 2017 in South Carolina, the United States.

  • 2015

    The Company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands to be the ultimate holding company of the Group and the reorganization was carried out.

    Zhenshi Group Hengshi Fiberglass Fabrics Co., Ltd. was renamed as Zhejiang Hengshi Fiberglass Fabrics Co., Ltd.

    Successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 21 December 2015.

  • 2014

    Hengshi Fiberglass commenced the expansion of existing production capacity, the third periods of capacity expansion project started to construct

    Hengshi Fiberglass established a factory in Egypt for the production of various types of fiberglass products (fiberglass threads, fabrics and assembled roving)

    Hengshi Fiberglass was awarded the Supplier of the Year Award by Vestas.

  • 2010

    Hengshi Fiberglass was awarded the Famous Brand Product of Zhejiang Province by the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision.

  • 2009

    Hengshi fiberglass won the title of High-tech enterprise from Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province.

  • 2008

    Hengshi Fiberglass was awarded the Supplier of the Year award by Vestas.

    Hengshi Fiberglass was renamed as Zhenshi Group Hengshi Fiberglass Fabrics Co., Ltd.

  • 2007

    Hengshi Fiberglass expanded its scale of production and moved to the new site in the economic development zone.

  • 2000

    Hengshi Fiberglass was established.

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